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Whether you want to start writing your résumé from scratch, are seeking help to create the perfect covering letter, or need tips on how to make a great impression at interview, our no-nonsense guides are packed with info you can instantly apply.

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How to Write a Killer
Career Objective.

Don't know where your career is headed? Not sure how to get from A to B? We can transport you through the complexities of defining and composing the single most crucial element of your curriculum vitae.
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How to Write a Remarkable
Personal Profile

Appearing at the top of your curriculum vitae, your personal profile may be the only section to be reviewed in full by potential employers. It is therefore imperative that it rewards their scant attention, contextualizing the content of your résumé and offering a compact history of your career path to date.



How to Write a Compelling
Covering Letter

A powerful résumé is your passport to career success. But you also require a cover letter to act as your visa, allowing you entry to interview opportunities. Learn how to craft a letter that expertly communicates your unique portfolio of abilities and experience, making apparent your enthusiasm for the role.


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