We are architects of articulation, engineers of emotion, designers of dream careers.

To attract attention, win interviews, and secure job offers, your CV needs three essential components:

A career objective that defines your target role in no uncertain terms.

A personal profile that outlines your singular suitability to attain that target.

A major achievements overview that helps you stand out from competing candidates with similar backgrounds and qualifications.

But knowing and doing are not the same thing.

That's where the professionals come in.


You begin by entering our client-exclusive Creation Center™ to submit a self-assessment questionnaire focusing on your work history, education, skills, and personal qualities. You can also upload your current ​CV to supplement the information you supply.


The second step comprises a private consultation that lasts between 45 and 90 minutes. This in-depth dialog helps us to understand your requirements in greater detail and is conducted in an interview style designed to draw out your most marketable assets.

03. construction

We next construct your new résumé in accordance with a closely-guarded set of linguistic and stylistic principles derived from algorithmic analysis of the components common to all job-winning curriculum vitaes, submiting this initial draft for your review.

04. approval

If you are happy with your draft CV, we then finalize it in Word and PDF format, completing your order. If there is anything you decide to change, we continue working with you for up to 30 days to insure you are absolutely delighted with the end result.

Introducing Io, Your
Intelligent, Original Career Path Assessor

Io is unlike anything—or anyone—you have ever met. A groundbreaking hybrid of sophisticated branching logic algorithms and scripted responses handcrafted by our own world-class writing team, Io has been carefully, compassionately designed to guide you step-by-step through the Creation Center's self-assessment questionnaire. Here's what makes Io so special:

Io is Personable

Striking a balance between playfulness and professionalism, whimsy and intensity, Io keeps you focused and on-task.

Io is Adaptable

Each question you answer informs what Io will ask you next, streamlining the assessment and eliminating wasted time.

Io is Capable

A gifted and empathetic interviewer, Io will help define your most marketable abilities and core career accomplishments.


Our goal is to create something truly extraordinary on your behalf, no matter how long it takes. For that reason, we continually redraft your document, finessing it word-by-word, until you are 100% satisfied.

Win-Win Guarantee

Our Document Development Process™ has been specifically designed to ensure your new ​résumé (and/or cover letter) reflects every aspect of your experience, abilities, achievements, and character that makes you an appealing candidate to employers. 

We are so confident you will secure an interview within 28 days of receiving your order  that we offer a full refund if you don't, no questions asked. Just send us the following information:


Proof of having applied for the position to which your ​résumé has been targeted on 22 separate days since you received it.

14 separate rejection letters received at any point throughout the 28-day refund window.


For even more peace of mind, a refund is also available at any point before your initial consultation.

After the consult, a partial refund may still be requested, with $499 deducted to cover the original consultation cost.

A Singular CV is a major investment in your future. We know that: We want to see you succeed. Our refund policy is proof of that.

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