Interview Boot Camp

Course Overview

Conducted over 3 days, either consecutively or weekly, our behavioral interview boot camp will ready you for the toughest questioning, the most punishing interlocuters. Prepare to become invincible.


From meandering or clipped responses, awkward pauses, visual tics and tells, a limp or aggressive speaking style, we will identify your weaknesses with surgical precision during a grueling mock interview.


The second session changes focus, switching to a relaxed consult format where we will share our findings and advise you on the optimal means to correct any shortcomings that came to light at the interview.


Armed with our observations and suggestions, you will now repeat the initial interview, this time with new difficulties added, testing your ability to surmount challenges old and new with polish and panache.

   Our 3-day program will transform your confidence at interview. 


The employment market is a jungle. Our CVs and cover letters are apex predators—sleek and stealthy, they can capture the interviews you need for the position you want. But what happens when your interviewer is an all-out beast? How do you avoid becoming prey?

You need a thick skin—one tough enough to survive the fiercest attacks on your character and career chronology. Singular's customized interview boot camp will prepare you for the most success-threatening assaults, enabling you to lope through the process unscathed.

There is no margin for error in a job interview—your first meeting with a potential employer will be the last if you create a poor impression. This is your one and only opportunity to make plain your merit as an intelligent and articulate job candidate. You only get a single shot.

But what if you could rehearse every aspect of the encounter ahead of time? Experience each moment precisely as it will be, freed from the fear of failure, learning from your mistakes in a safe, nurturing space, growing in confidence and charisma? That's exactly what we offer.

Defining Your Personal Brand for Interview

Organizations seek applicants offering vision and initiative. Individuals who excel. Exceed expectations. They want you to market yourself. Sell your personal brand with singular conviction. Make it worth their time.

They kick off the recruitment process with a talent pool of hundreds, concluding with an interview shortlist of three to five applicants.

You have to beat them all. Make a powerful impression from the very beginning, or your chances of making it to the final shortlist will be gone.

Second place won't win you the job. But we will.

What Our Boot Camp Covers


Hello: It's much easier said than done. We walk you through the process of introducing yourself in style (and gracefully exiting the interview online and off).


The interviewer is not your friend. Their objective is to remove poor candidates from the applicant pool. We prepare you to reply with poise under pressure.


Once you've told the interviewer who you are, they will likely wish to interrogate your career history to date. We help you steer them through your résumé.


You know better than to ask about compensation at the end an interview. But what if the recruiter starts the dialog? We guarantee you'll negotiate like a pro.


Every post is different. No two companies are alike. By tailoring our questions to the exact job and firm you're targeting, we ensure you are fully prepared.


Saying all the right things is only half the battle. You also need to articulate them with the right tone and gestures. Even on Zoom, body language matters.

Singular prepares you to sell yourself as the ideal candidate—ready to slot into any company team.

Company Research

Success at interview is determined not merely by what you do on the day, but also by the steps you take beforehand. The first of these entails conducting an intensive assessment of the firm's ethos and culture. We'll show you just how.

Recruiter Profiling

It's not enough to merely research the target company; you must also obtain a good grasp of the person (or people) who will be interviewing you. This step will give you a strategic advantage over applicants who enter the process cold.

Interview Practice

The quickest way to learn something is through deliberate practice. We throw you in at the deep end on Day One, teach you to keep your head above water on Day Two, and have you doing laps around the toughest questions by Day Three.

Singular helps you to survive and thrive at interview.*

*You don't have to learn the hard way. We''ll guide you past the pitfalls. Promise.
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