The Three Laws of Cover Letter Creation

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Every résumé, no matter how impressive as a standalone document, requires a introductory letter to ensure it is seen by the right people and stands out from competing applications. A great covering letter should contextualize and enhance the text of your curriculum vitae. The ones that win interviews invariably contain three key elements: The Introduction, the Story, and the Invitation.

To get the thumbs-up from employers, you need a cover letter.

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We fuse psychology, neurolinguistics, and timeless typography to create enchanting cover letters.


'An effective cover letter contains three essential components: an introduction stating why the writer is making an application, an overview of how they are a strong match to the vacancy in question, and a call to action requesting that they be invited to an interview. It’s surprising how many job seekers ace the first and second elements, only to neglect the third to their detriment. Singular takes care of all three with exceptional craft.'

—Drew Douglas, Singular CEO
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