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Our clients hail from every corner of the globe, all employment areas. Construction. Engineering. Software. Services. Some sit at the pinnacle of the corporate hierarchy, others are trending upwards. Whoever you are, whatever you needs, Singular can speed your progress with a tailored career plan.

Career Coaching Process

We care about you. We mean it. This isn't marketing copy; it's everything we stand for. We stand for you. We value your humanity. We want you to succeed. It's this person-centred approach that makes us... Singular. 


Identify your key strengths, core values, major interests, areas for improvement, and possible obstacles to career success via an in-depth, one to one interview appraisal.


Undertake a psychometric assessment augmented by aptitude tests to provide you with a deep, objective insight into your personality, preferences, and potential.

OUR 4-step career consultation process

Your consultant will conduct a fully personalized assessment to identify your abilities, accomplishments, and professional ambitions, then use it to build your custom career path.


Analyze your current career position in relation to your intended trajectory in order to plot the quickest course from where you are now to where you want to be.


Draft a short, medium, and long term career plan. Make recommendations for next steps to take, including our own Interview Boot Camp and employment websites.

The Missing Puzzle Piece

We appreciate the criticality of your next career move—such changes are never to be taken lightly—and genuinely welcome the opportunity to work with you so as to achieve your ultimate career objective: A supremely rewarding and fulfilling job.

Our unbroken track record of unparalleled professionalism, total confidentiality, and impeccable insight is your guarantee of an extraordinary outcome for this investment in your professional development. Singular ensures your ideal career falls into place.

From Our Clients:
Service, Meet Success

'The service that I received was beyond what I had expected. I anticipated something along the lines of, 'You should be grateful we are doing this for you as we’re so busy!' I got a very good feel for the service when I was able to change the date and time of the consultation phone call. It let me know that you are serious about customer service and it was a great start to my experience of using your company.'

Software Sales Specialist

United Kingdom

'I have just been offered a job at Anglo Irish Bank in a customer services role which I am very pleased about! I used the financial services CV you created to approach a recruiter who got me the interview, and I start the job next week. Many thanks for helping me achieve my goal; I will definitely recommend your service to anyone I think might benefit—including my husband who has never had a CV!'

Senior Financial Advisor

Republic of Ireland

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Résumé Masterclass
2-hour live online class teaching you how to write a curriculum vitae that demonstrates your core skillset.
Interview Boot Camp
3-day online interview boot camp to prepare you for the toughest questioning, the most punishing interlocuters.