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Your curriculum vitae determines your employment opportunities, your salary scale. Singular's strength lies in knowing exactly what to put into it, what to leave out, and how best to demonstrate your unique array of corporate proficiencies.


our curriculum vitaes are

polished. persuasive. powerful.


Is your résumé moving you forward, or holding you back? Singular's state-of-the-art curriculum vitaes put you ahead of the competition when it matters most. Our world-class CVs are designed to highlight your unique skillset and strongest professional attributes.


A job-winning CV has a complex architecture: an intricate arrangement of structural, typographic, and semantic elements that Singular combines to create extraordinary impact. Concise, concrete, and utterly persuasive, our CVs build immediate employer engagement.

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'I am extremely happy with how this has turned out. Never expected to see all this content come down to only two pages as I had hoped, especially without losing any of the key information! I truly, sincerely appreciate the wonderful effort and professional service you have provided in getting my documents developed. This is a job well done, thanks so much!'

IT Compliance and Security Consultant, Australia.
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SINGULAR ​résuméS:

what employers expect, the market demands

Three elements—immediate relevance, presentation, and persuasiveness—are vital to the creation of any successful ​résumé, remaining consistent across every industry sector and profession. Singular delivers all three.


immediate relevance

Employers need to know, at a glance, that you are the answer to their corporate question, the solution to their organizational issues and aspirations.



Logical layout. Contemporary design. Timeless typography. A document that presents your experience, education, and abilities to optimum effect.

persuasive LANGUAGE

The CV you submit must act as your avatar and your advocate, speaking directly to the needs of the employer in a language they understand.

Our résumés do just that. They are remarkable, striking, uniquely articulate and eloquent.

In short, singular.


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